Food and wine"Enogastronomia"

Umbria, where beauty is also tasty: food and wine routes, traditions and typical products of top quality. Drink, taste, enjoy, listen, remember. Here the products of the earth speak directly to the heart. And the age-old knowledge of man lives again just like the pleasure you have when you welcome a friend.

No wine and food? No party!

Wine and gastronomy lovers won't know where to start (or stop) in Umbria. The range of top wineries, excellent restaurants and top quality products such as honey, fruit and vegetables and truffles is considerable and for Italians wine without dining or dining without wine is usually not an option.

The range is so large that we cannot possibly list everything on our website. However, here is a selection of gourmet products to get an idea of the possibilities. Fortunately, there is now the www where you can find a lot and you can of course taste many things in one of the many excellent restaurants in the region.


La Vallata has been working for many years with some of the most coveted wineries in Umbria:

  • Tili Vini has now grown into one of the best-quoted "organic wine growers" of the region. Mother Maria Palma and daughter Annalaura are the driving force behind this small winery and are also an event in itself to experience. Tasting wine at Tili is quite an experience, you will not only remember the wine tasting and the delicious snacks, but perhaps even more the atmosphere.

  • Lungarotti in Torgiano is one of the "oldest" wineries in Umbria and managed by the Lungarotti daughters. You can just go to the "cantina" and taste some wines there, if you buy some, you don't pay for the tasting. However, you can also experience a real tasting afternoon with explanations from a Sommelier. Visiting the winery is highly recommended, reservations are required!

Gastronomic excursions

However, there are many more coveted wineries, wine tours and gastronomic tours that aren't limited to wine. On the website of Umbriatourism you will find a wide range of packages to enjoy wine, gastronomy and the many local products of exceptional quality in a different way:

Umbria tourism

Also take a look at the website "La strada del Sagrantino" , or "The Way of the Sagrantino", the famous grape from which mainly monovarietal wines (1 type of grape) are made. This grape originates in Umbria and gives a delicious and distinct taste to the wine. The "Strada del Sagrantino" is essentially an association for the promotion of Sagrantino wines but also of local gastronomy in general. You can downlaod a pdf map here where you can find the wineries (cantinas) that are "allowed" to make Sagrantino (IGT: Indicazione Geofrafica Tipica, i.e. typical geographical indication), as well as top restaurants and oil mills or presses. The wineries that are allowed to use the "Sagrantino" label must be located within a certain geographical zone. For example: Tili Vini also has a fantastic Sagrantino (Sacreterre) but is not allowed to use the name Sagrantino on the label because they are outside that zone (Between Spello and Assisi).

Strada del Sagrantino

Umbrian gastronomy is of course not limited to wine. We would almost forget that the region is known for the enormous variety and excellent quality of its products. There is of course also the honey which we also produce ourselves, a wide range of fruit and vegetables and we would almost forget that the Umbrian truffle is extremely popular.

Il tarufo

It seems that Umbria is the only region in the world where you can find the 9 main types of Truffle... There are more than 100 varieties, but they fall under those 9 main types. 
In Italy, the truffle is generally searched for with truffle dogs. You are not allowed to look for truffles just whenever you like. To get your license you have to take a course and after an exam you get the title "Truffle Seeker".

Here we list the 9 most important species and the period in which they can be harvested:

  1. Tartufo bianco (white truffle): from the last Sunday of September to December 31

  2. Tartufo nero pregiato (Black coveted truffle): from December 1 to March 15

  3. Tartufo moscato (Moscato truffle): from December 1 to March 15

  4. Tartufo nero estivo (Black summer truffle): from the last Sunday of May to August 31

  5. Tartufo uncinato (crocheted truffle): from October 1 to January 31

  6. Tartufo nero invernale (Black winter truffle): from October 1 to March 15

  7. Tartufo bianchetto ("White" truffle): from January 15 to April 15

  8. Tartufo nero liscio (Smooth black truffle): from October 1 to December 31

  9. Tartufo nero ordinario (Common black truffle): from November 1 to March 15

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