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8 aprile 2014


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Umbria Outdoor Umbria underground: mysterious, fascinating, surreal. 

grotte_Marmore_thumbThe exploration of natural caves is an intense, deep,
exciting and rewarding, a return to the motherland
Discipline of the body and of the spirit, an exciting and total immersion
in the darkness of primordial space that seem to exist beyond time
Discover Monte Cucco


The Monte Cucco Cave is extended over more than 30 kilometers and it is more than 900 meters deep. It is one of the most important underground systems in Europe and it is certainly one of the most studied caves in the world. This natural attraction that until now could be appreciated only by expert cavers, now it is open, for 800 meters long, to anyone who wishes to live an unique experience. This route might stimulates the senses, which the water sounds who erodes the rock slowly, the smell of the mountain depths and the sight of the limestone formations within the cave.

Speleologia Sibillini Adventure
frassassi_thumbLocalità: Norcia (PG)
The caves of Cascata delle Marmore (Terni)
The caves of Pozzi della Piana (Titignano di Orvieto – Terni)



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