GDPR Privacy statement

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General Data Protection Regulation
GDPR (or also General Data Protection Regulation – called AVG) is about the management and security of personal data of European citizens.

In order to manage our affairs in the right direction, we need your personal information. These are used for the following purposes:

Reservation calendar
Customer database
Mandatory communication of your data to the Italian State Security
Legal communication of the arrival date and departure date of your stay at the Italian Tourist Office
Possible claim to insurance, compensation by accident or loss within the limits of our domain
Mandatory communication of your data as a result of inappropriate behavior, theft or vandalism by your actions
Subscribe to our newsletter
Information about promotions and events of La Vallata
Your data will be kept safe by us for an indefinite period of time. If you wish us to destroy your data after your stay with us, we do so after receiving your request via certified electronic mail or registered mail (as required by law by the AVG)


Your data will only be used for professional purposes and will at no time be sold or passed on to third parties EXCEPT the Italian Tourist Office and the Italian State Security.
You have the right to be “forgotten” (this of course at the end of our contract (departure date) as we are obliged to pass on your details to the Italian Tourist Office and the Italian State Security)
By pressing “Send request” you agree that we may keep the following information about you for an indefinite period of time (or until you send us an application to “forget” you):

Name, first name and title
Age / birth year
Date of birth
Country of birth / Nationality // Citizenship / Land of residence
National Insurance number
Postal Code
Telephone number (fixed or mobile)
Contact Email Address
Information about the composition of your family
Bank details
Photos / Videos (it may happen that we make videos and / or photos during your stay to promote La Vallata, of course only for adults)
Profile (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.)
Your data will be tracked in the following way:

Excel datasheat
Electronic data book
Your data is professionally protected with KASPERSKY TOTAL SECURITY PROFESSIONAL and we provide a Lawful, proper and transparent processing

The data must be correct and updated as necessary. All reasonable measures must be taken to erase or improve inaccurate or incomplete data which, based on the purposes for which they are obtained or for which they are further processed.

Integrity and confidentiality
The data must be processed according to an adequate level of safety by using appropriate, technical and organizational measures.

This involves protection against any unauthorized or unlawful processing, against loss, destruction or loss of quality of the data.

Recital 39 clarifies that the data must be processed in a way that ensures adequate security and confidentiality of the data. This means that any unauthorized access or use of the data or equipment used for processing must be prevented.

Except for ourselves, Tim Gaston Huwé and Loredana Di Massimo, no one else has access to our database.