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Eventi Storici


7 aprile 2014


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Giostra della Quintana

The Tournament of the Quintana is proposed in Foligno from 1946 and for over 50 years the city, as if by magic, go back to the splendors of the ‘600 baroque. The event, in its editions of June and September, will last for two weeks, during which historical representations and baroque dinners  surround the knightly race among the ten districts of the city.

Mercato delle Gaite

is an event that takes place in Bevagna and its objective is the representation of a cross-section of the city economy in the Middle Ages, recreating the market as a place for meeting and exchange, as well as playback of craft techniques. The relevant aspect of the event consists of the reproduction of medieval crafts.


Calendimaggio di Assisi

Calendimaggio is held annually on the Thursday, Friday and Saturday after May 1 and see the city of Assisi divided into two parts, the upper part and the bottom part, that compete to win the prize. Competition in very particular, given that this is an unusual challenge to the sound of dancing, singing and performances farcical.


Festival dei Segni Barocchi

The festival of Baroque Signs is an event that takes place every year in the places of art in Foligno and Montefalco during the period from 25 August to 15 September. The event features performances, theater, music, dance, cinema, all definitely characterized in “baroque” style.

Festa dei ceri / Corsa dei Ceri

It held annually in May, on the eve of the death of St. Ubaldo, the patron saint of the city. The ‘ceraioli’ Three quarters of Gubbio are engaged in a unbridled race to the Mount Igino carrying on their shoulders the candles, giant wooden structures, of about 400 kg each, surmounted by statues of St. Ubaldo, St. George and Sant ‘Antonio.

Infioraata di Spello

The floral display of Spello is a historic religious evocation, which takes place between May and June. The floral designs are enormous, whose drafts scale are produced by important Italian painters, made on the ground with flowers and leaves, fresh and dried. The designs are made in overnight and are then trampled by the Sunday procession of Corpus Christi.

Ottobre Trevano

Trevi changes its skin and is going back to the years of the Middle Ages rekindling the rivalry between the citizens of the Plan of Matiggia and the Castle. The three districts compete on the first Sunday of the month in a very unique race. Twenty fearless young men are alternated from Porta Nuova to the Piazza del Comune pushing a heavy tank 430 kg.


Palio dei Quartieri - Nocera Umbra

The Palio of the Districts is an event that is usually held at the turn of the months of July and August. The town of Nocera Umbra, is divided into two districts as they battle to the sound of historical processions and sporting events. The districts of Nocera Umbra compete in various competitions to win the Palio.


Corciano Festival

The Corciano Festival is held annually in Corciano near Perugia with medieval re-enactments of historical events through tastings, performances and art in the days between August 10 to 15. In the tavern of Corciano the deep hues of fine wines meet the flavors of medieval Umbrian.


Festa della palombella

Every year in June, on Pentecost Day, the beautiful Piazza del Duomo in Orvieto is alive with people, thanks to a festival which is celebrated every year since 1404 on the initiative of the ancient and noble family of Monaldeschi; the festival of Palombella.

Paloi dei Terzieri (Città delle Pieve)

Every year, in August, for 12 days Città della Pieve is surrounded by culture and events that recall the Renaissance. The Palio dei Terzieri involves the entire city in historical parades, plays, challenges and medieval games such as archery.

Natale / Capodanno

Christmas & New Year (Umbria)
Christmas and New Year in Umbria for Christmas in Umbria are organized numerous Christmas markets, living nativity scenes, concerts of classical music and jazz and Celebration in the Plaza for New Year’s Eve.

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