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bicycle rental

bicycle rental


29 marzo 2019


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Bicycle rental and “Bike & Wine” tours at Paolo

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Bicycle rental (photos are purely illustrative, models may vary)
Prices may vary, verify with provider.
The bikes are delivered to La Vallata for a fixed price of € 40 / rental. For a day trip it is cheaper to pick up the bike yourself from Paolo.

City Bikes

city nbike 300x176 - Fietsverhuur
1 day 15 €
2 days 28 €
3 days € 39
4 days 50 €
5 days 60 €
6 days € 69
7 days € 75

Special bikes (photos are purely illustrative, the models can vary)

wilier gtr 300x235 - Fietsverhuurbianchi camaleonte 1 300x203 - Fietsverhuur315 c29 nero rosso 2016 900x536 300x179 - Fietsverhuur


#dagen Hybrid Carbon  E-bike  Montana E-bike Bottecchia
1 20 € 35 € 35 € 25 €
2 38 € 70 € 68 € 48 €
3 51 € 105 € 95 € 70 €
4 63 € 140 € 120 € 90 €
5 74 € 175 € 145 € 110 €
6 85 € 195 € 168 € 125 €
7 95 € 215 € 190 € 140 €

Bike & Wine Tours

This self-guided day tour “Bike & Wine” is an absolute “to do”!

Umbrian landscape, with beautiful olive trees, which have become the symbol of the Umbria region.

Starting from Rivotorto, close to Assisi. The first stop is in Santa Maria degli Angeli with its impressive dome of the Franciscan basilica. This church encloses the “Porziuncola”, a church from the 9th century restored by Saint Francis.

Olive tree road

The route continues along the beauty of the landscape that alternates colors and tastes with the changing of the seasons.
Spello, called “Splendidissima Colonia Julia” by Emperor Caesar. This village, known for its beautiful alleys, where the stone walls are littered with colorful pots, preserving many remains of the glorious Roman past and famous works of art in palaces and churches from the 13th to 17th centuries. Through the historic center and then along the Olive Trees Road, from where you have a beautiful view over the valley.

Olive tree road

Finally, make a stop at a family-run organic winery, where you can still feel the strong and true spirit of the past, where the grape still grows according to the laws of nature and wine a wonderful variety of scents and has tastes. Last but not least, you get 1 bottle of organic wine.


The “Bike & Wine” day bike tour is an ideal way to combine nature, culture and gastronomy!

Prices per person: contact us or Paolo

Included in the price: bicycle rental, route guidance with map, organic farmer tasting, a bottle of excellent organic wine

Extra services:

After the wine tasting you cycle back to our bicycle depot or with a small surcharge of 5.00 Euro per person, we will pick you up and bring you back to our bike shop. Later we pick up the bike from the winegrower and we bring it back to our bike store
free parking at our bicycle parking


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